Cookies Policy

This is the Cookie Policy for HyBytes, accessible from https://hybytes.com

What Are Cookies? 

Cookies are files stored on your device to enhance the user experience based on your preferences and the URLs you visit the most. Like every other professional website, HyBytes also use cookies to enhance your experience.

As it is common practice with almost all professional websites, this site also uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your device to improve your experience. This policy explains the type of cookies we store, why we store them, and how we use that gathered information. It also describes how not to store certain cookies, regardless of not being able to access certain functionalities of the site.

How We Set Cookies

Our cookies setting policy complies with the GDPR law. We allow the visitors to opt for the cookies they want to place on their devices. Our website also alerts visitors about the cookies in use.

What Cookies We Set

  • URLs you visit
  • Page response time for performance improvement of HyBytes
  • When a visitor submits a form. The form can be found on the Contact Us (add link to this page) page
  • Site preferences cookies to enhance your experience during your visit to the site. HyBytes remembers your preferences, and your experience on the site is affected by the saved cookies

HyBytes does not set any other cookies other than what is stated above. If you disagree with this, then please delete your browser cookies after leaving the site. Cookies on the HyBytes website are either session or persistent cookies. The ones that are persistent are stored having an expiry date and can be deleted either manually or according to the set expiry date whereas the session cookie will expire at the end of the session.

How to Disable Cookies

Visitors can avoid setting cookies by changing the browser settings of their device or they can delete all the existing cookies from browser settings. This will, however, disable certain functionalities of the website, and hence, HyBytes recommends you to not disable the cookies. HyBytes also provides settings to the user to opt-out which cookies they do not want to set for the website.