HyBytes GDPR Policy

Effective Date: 09-14-2021

When you access our website or use any of our services, we appreciate you for trusting us regarding your personal information. Companies working with European clients need to have their websites compliant with GDPR to have an increase in the trust of customers which in the end helps in the growth of the company.

At HyBytes (accessible through HyBytes.com), the main concern of the company is the privacy of the visitors and the compliance of the website with GDPR. This policy informs about the type of information we collect and record at HyBytes.

In case you need to know more about our GDPR compliance or have any questions, contact us through our email. Please fill the contact form.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This policy describes the information HyBytes collects along with the context in which the information is being gathered:

  • HyBytes need to be in a contract with you
  • You have granted HyBytes permission to track specific information
  • Accessing your personal information is in HyBytes legitimate interests
  • HyBytes needs to comply with the law of GDPR

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you will have the right to data protection. And, if you want HyBytes to inform you about which information is being tracked or to delete any of your personal information from the company’s track records, feel free to contact us. Being a resident of a European country, if you think any of your information is incorrectly tracked and is not compliant with the law of GDPR, you have the right to complain to your local data protection authority.

HyBytes ensures you that it will store your personal information in its records for as long as it is necessary. It will only use your information if needed for compliance with the law or to minimise disputes. HyBytes will disclose your information only if it is necessary to be disclosed in case any legal action is required or any legal dispute needs to be discarded. As long as the information is not needed, we delete it from our records and mark it anonymous.

In the regions like (EEA and UK), you have:

  • The right of demand to update or clear the information we have of you
  • The right to demand a copy of all the information that HyBytes is tracking
  • The right to object or restrict us to store any of the information you don’t want to be tracked
  • The right to revoke the consent at any time.

Log Files

It is a good practice to store all the collected information of the visitors into the log files. Like other websites, we also use log files for our information storage. All companies that use hosting services use this as an integral part. Information that our log files collect is as follows:

  • IP address and ISP
  • Browser details
  • Date and time stamps
  • Number of clicks

All the information collected does not link to the personal information of the visitor. HyBytes only collects the publicly exposed information of a visitor. It tracks the movement of the visitor on the website and does not gather the personal demographics of users.

Encrypted Information Storage

HyBytes ensures that the information being tracked is in encrypted form and is not available to other visitors of the website.

Cookies Storage

Just as every other website, HyBytes also uses cookies. Cookies are small .txt files stored on your devices which store information along with the preferences of the users. It also stores the information about the pages that a visitor opens or visits. The information which HyBytes collects from the cookies helps in enhancing the user experience by customizing the website content according to the preference of the visitor. You can easily remove cookie preferences by deleting browser cookies from your device.


We do have external links on our website and HyBytes is not responsible for data storage and tracking on the external links. You need to be aware that HyBytes can not accept the responsibility of any information being tracked through external links.

Third-party Partners

In case of information disclosure to any third party, HyBytes takes the responsibility of information deletion from both ends.


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