• April 28, 2023
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Case info

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Software

Partnership period: 

Team size: 1 team lead, 2 DevOps engineers

Team location: United Kingdom.

Services: Cloud infrastructure Automation, monitoring implementation, CI/CD implementation.

Expertise delivered: Cloud infrastructure management, monitoring implementation, CI/CD configuration,

Technology stack: AWS, GitHub, AWS Pipeline,  MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, Nginx, CloudFormation

Project requirements

At Essensys, they were facing some problems related to their infrastructure. They need our help to find the problem and fix it.

What did we do?

Reverse engineering: We need to figure out the problem that they were facing in their infrastructure. So we start backtracking it to find the root cause.

Monitoring: A core part to solve any problem is monitoring. we did monitor logs and errors to understand the issue.

Automation: The client has Setup his infra manually. So, it’s a major thing to resolve. We did automate their whole Infra. We did it by using CloudFormation with the AWS pipeline.

Compulsory: We do make sure that we do enable security, load balancing, auto-scaling and monitoring of services.

CI/CD: We did implement CI-CD to make sure the updates are on time without hanging up or losing performance.

Best Practices: We do assure you, Our engineer do follow best practices as guidance as per AWS provided.


The customer was able to significantly reduce the manual effort to keep servers running. Platform automation is consisting of AWS infrastructure, enabled security, load balancing and auto-scaling of resources. By implementing CI/CD processes, We ensure that the client will not face any problems when needs to update anything in the application. Monitoring ensures the customer’s team keeps an eye on all things.

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